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Software for research
Statistical software
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Concept mapping

Master index
Media research
Evaluation terms
Questionnaires and psychology
Sampling and quantitative research
Research methods
Qualitative research
Data management
Statistics glossary
Internet terms
Futures and forecasting
Terms to be added
Other good glossaries

Scanning the future
Scenario work
Scenario network mapping
Quotations about the future
Disasters of prediction

Global English
Using global English
Writing global English
Sustainable English
Building a word frequency list
Software for online translation
Working with interpreters

Web development
Our usability research
Improving usability
Website effectiveness
Website evaluation
Measures of websites
Website effectiveness checklist
How to lose an audience
Trust on the Web
5 hows and 5 whys
Planning a website
Business models
Website possibilities
Publicity for websites
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How to find dead links
Reading from the screen

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Web-safe colours
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Learning about statistics
Measuring controversy
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Multi-purpose apology
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Know Your Audience
Reporting the findings
Telephone surveys
Mail surveys
Visitor surveys
Depth interviewing
Group discussions
Monitoring and response cultivation
Co-discovery conferences
Internet audience research
Content analysis
Using research well
How to buy the book

Participative Marketing for Local Radio
Marketing for radio
Audience concepts
Research findings
Program strategy
Publicity and promotion
Advertising and sponsorship
Funding from listeners
Funding from grants
Selling programs and airtime
Internal marketing
Beyond radio
Making it happen
Further reading
How to buy the book

Quick Guide to Audience Research

Analysing surveys with Excel
Data entry
Numeric variables
Nominal variables
2-way tables (crosstabs)
Frequencies function

Other methods
Choosing a research method
Consensus groups
Maximum variation sampling
Writing a survey report
How audiences are measured
Qualitative methods
Qualitative or quantitative?
Using research findings
Planning and anticipation
Simple opinion polls
Cultivating audience response
Improving social marketing
Stakeholder relationships: 30 Rs and 6 Ss
A ladder of participation
Program logic models
Media impact assessment
Communications audits
Designing a radio research system
Evaluating events
Coding without transcription

How audiences are measured
TV audiences
Radio audiences
Print audiences
Event audiences


Case studies index

Weekly TV appreciation survey
Qualitative mail radio survey
Phone-in panel
Survey of issues on radio
Measuring musical tastes
Farmerama fiasco
Media usage and availability
Radio environments and moods
Diary, meter, and phone surveys
Surveying impatient concertgoers
Dreams of magazine readers
Is anybody listening?
New ways to go wrong
Listener satisfaction survey
Do educational programs educate?
Evaluating a web site
Radio scheduling workshop
Rolling focus groups
A small-town group discussion
Finding representative comments
Results of radio listening
Consensus groups for TV testing
Co-discovery conferences
Radio workshop in Tanzania
"Our audience is dying!"
4 temperaments of radio listeners
Analysing open-ended answers
Simple quota surveys

Fieldwork tales
Geraldton phone survey
Lost in the Wimmera
Group discussion, Samarai style
Group discussion, Yen Bai style
Volumnia the interviewer
Inspector of the toilet rolls
Interviewing in Gondar
"Why are we here?"

Findings about audiences
Media in general
Radio audiences
TV audiences

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