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Work History - 1999-2013

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2009 - current  Principal Consultant Audience Dialogue, Adelaide, South Australia

I took over management of Audience Dialogue after the passing of its founder and colleague Dennis List and combined it with my prior consulting and development work. I develop, update and provide resources and training on audience/market research, evaluation methods, marketing and internet strategy for the benefit of a global audience including media-related organisations in developing countries.

A sample project was the design and delivery of a marketing training course for community radio stations in Nepal, facilitated by Antenna Foundation Nepal ( and funded by US AID Overseas Transitions Initiative program (contract manager Chemonics International Inc., Washington DC), April-May 2009

Current projects (as at June 2013) include:

Past projects included the development of an intranet for Brock Real Estate group servicing about 100 staff, and the planning, design and development of successful visitor accommodation service Monastery Stays,  


2005 - 2009 Business Development Manager Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia

Role involved creating a new bequest-funded water and environmental research centre from scratch, operating as Flinders Research Centre for Coastal & Catchment Environments (FR3cE). The centre consisted of about 40 academics plus dedicated researchers from 4 faculties and 10 disciplines, with aim being to increase research activity and quality, capacity-building, and generate income and outputs (esp. publications) for the University. Key tasks include promoting our expertise to Government agencies and industry, identifying and pursuing funding sources, managing a research co-investment program, contract negotiation, member professional development and financial management and reporting. Amongst the achievements is securing over $2m worth of industry investment in research over a 3 year period, developing numerous new industry partnerships such as with Waterproofing the South (of Adelaide) and vastly improving multi-disciplinary researcher collaboration.

Note, the Centre has been merged into a new School of the Environment, refer to the website (which I developed) now archived at


2007 - 2008 Course developer & trainer in E-Business, Flinders Partners Pty. Ltd. Adelaide, Australia

Engaged by commercialisation and training services company Flinders Partners to design, develop and deliver a 12 month action-oriented course to educate/help small-medium businesses in the water services industry on how they could use e-business technologies to assist their efforts in exporting and business growth. Project involved assisting a successful bid for project money (grant) from the Australian Government's AusIndustry 'Building Enterprise in Small Business' Program, promoting the course to attract participants, running workshops, one to one mentoring and reporting. The course achieved a very high satisfaction rating from participants with the majority implementing substantive changes to their use of the Internet and addressing key areas of opportunity. Refer


2003 – 2005 Internet business consultant/developer (freelance)

Self-Employed and in conjunction with Dennis List, Audience Dialogue

A key project (secured via a competitive tender, funded by Community Support Fund Victoria and local councils) was undertaking community research, feasibility analysis and developing a strategy plan for Wimmera Information Network Inc. based in Horsham Victoria, an agricultural based region. The project aims to improve community connectedness and other goals by improving access to community information. The key is to influence and enable greater public use of the internet to find, use and share local community information. Work involved extensive community and stakeholder consultation (including five local councils) and public forums, and resulted in recommendation of an innovative benefit-based approach to sustainability and reducing reliance on Government (grant) funding. The first stage has succeeded with usage increasing. Refer


2001 – 2003 Marketing & E-Business Strategist Groundhog Software, Adelaide, Australia

Role involved managing/upgrading company marketing and sales strategies and processes, product management (of a content management system product), client consulting, project management and development of new service products. I also played a major role in developing a strategic business plan for Groundhog Software, changing the focus of the company to adapt to a changing market environment using the motto 'How we think', development of job specifications, new processes, performance (KPI) scorecard and other measurement tools. Key achievements included achieving first year product sales targets ($250,000) to underpin further development, designing and delivering the first e-business consultancy project for the company and developed new service products (search engine optimisation, site performance reporting) to generate new revenue streams. Refer


1999 – 2000 Business Development Manager, SA&NT Dove Australia/Asia Online, Adelaide, Australia

Was responsible for marketing, business development (e.g. alliances) and sales management (including recruiting and training sales staff) for an Australian Internet Services Provider (ISP) that was acquired by a Hong-Kong based venture-capital entity as part of a proposed global development (now defunct). My task involved building a team and new processes, and expanded to incorporate merger and change management activities. Revenues increased by over 100% from the prior year due to proactive efforts which included new partnerships with resellers.


Prior to 1999 my roles included the following:




Professor Howard Fallowfield

Former Director

Flinders Research Centre for Coastal & Catchment Environments

Professor of Environmental Health

Flinders University, South Australia

Ph: 61+ 8 7221 8581



Mrs. Julie Inglis

Former Manager of Flinders Partners Pty Ltd (then known as Flinders Consulting)

Now Owner/Manager, Learning Potential International Pty Ltd

Ph: 0401 126 379





Mr. Madhu Acharya

Former Director

Antenna Foundation Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977-1-5528059





Mr. Greg Turner

Managing Director

Options Wine Merchants Pty Ltd

15 Richard St

Hindmarsh SA 5007

Phone:  08 8346 9111




Ms. Sam Ireland


Brock Harcourts Ouwens Casserly

200 East Terrace, Adelaide

Phone: 08 7070 6488


(formerly Office Services & HR Manager, Brock Real Estate group)




Mr. John Clayton


Monastery Stays (specialist accommodation booking service)

Phone: 08 8276 4000

Mobile: 0413 877 996





Ms. Judith Bysouth

Executive Director

Wimmera Information Network Inc., Horsham, Victoria

WWHY – H Project (Community Information System)

Phone: +61 3 5382 5301



Associate Professor Karl Sammut

Intelligent Systems Research Group

Flinders University, South Australia

Ph: +61 8 8201 5051





Other referees (employer and client) can be supplied on request.

To see my qualifications, key skill/knowledge areas and associations click here