Audience Dialogue

Audience Dialogue: our research and evaluation services

We help organizations set up dialogue systems, to improve communications between them and their audiences. Most of our work is with media organizations, broadcasters, publishers, arts organizations, educational institutions, and aid agencies.

Our work is centred around audience research, including training, facilitation, editing, monitoring, evaluation, web development, usability testing, and human systems development. It's a wide variety of work, but it all shares an emphasis on:

We work out of Adelaide, Australia, on a worldwide basis. Though we're a small consultancy, in the last few years we have worked for clients in Asia, Africa, and Europe, as well as Australasia.

Recent activities

Lately, this is what we've been doing most:

We also do Internet-related work, mostly in Australia. This includes site development, training, marketing, and usability and effectiveness testing. See the pages on our internet services.

Our approach

We approach situations in a different way from most marketing or research companies...