Audience Dialogue

Four ways to contact us

We are easy to contact, use one or more of the following methods: 

(1) Email

The easiest way to contact us is by email...john( - please remove the brackets when you enter the address in your email program.

If you've never emailed us before, please include a relevant subject line in your email - something that shows it was written by a human. Emails with blank subject lines, nonsense words, and too-good-to-be-true offers usually get dumped automatically or we delete them manually.

Also, if you have never emailed us before, please be advised that our spam filter may delete attachments you send because - sadly - some attachments we get from strangers are junk or viruses. Preferably, email us with your request or offer, wait for our (positive) response then send the attachment.

If you want to order one of our books just click on the respective book pages, Participative Marketing for Local Radio and Know Your Audience - A Practical Guide to Media Research.


(2) Social media

Audience Dialogue has a public Facebook page and is active on Twitter (@GoslinoJ), so you can easily connect with us.  John Goslino also has a LinkedIn page and is active on Google+ so you can join up with us there too, and we are developing more social media engagement to increase our reach and discussions with media, practitioners and agencies around the world.

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(3) Discussion board

Another alternative is to contact us through our online discussion board . Messages sent to the discussion board will be visible to all visitors to that page, so they're not private - but often that's not a problem.

The discussion board will continue to be active (and perhaps expanded into threaded discussions, depending on demand), so don't hesitate to publish a message, hopefully it will encourage others (not just me) to do so and thus discussion can occur.


(4) Phone and mail

•  Landline +61 8 7007 7923
•  Cell/mobile 0400 805 233

Skype address: john.goslino

We also have a Google account (john.goslino(@) and use Google Hangout or Chat.

Hardcopy mail: PO Box 75 Crafers South Australia 5152