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Audience Dialogue's privacy policy

Our privacy policy is very simple: any personal or business details supplied to us will not be made accessible to any person or organization outside Audience Dialogue, unless we are forced to do so by law (which has never happened yet).

Many websites place "cookies" on your computer so that they can identify you when you return to the site. Actually, it is not you as a person that they identify, but the computer you are using. We do not currently use cookies, and have no plans to do so - but if we change this policy, we shall change this page to say so.

Like all other websites, our server computer automatically collects some details of each visitor to the site. These include:

From the domain, it's usually possible to work out which country a visitor is in. Note that it is not possible for us to find out your email address from this automatically collected information. Click on the Nedstat logo (the red and blue letter N) at the bottom of our home page to see the kind of statistics collected about visitors to this site.

If you have any further questions, please email us/a>.