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Participative Marketing for Local Radio:
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This book is a sourcebook of ideas, principles, and possibilities on radio station marketing, radio marketing and radio branding. It also has useful information on radio market research, radio audience research, community radio funding, community radio advertising and related topics.

It is written to be useful for any kind of local radio station, but is specially designed for community stations. These are perfectly suited to the participative approach, as they are usually short of money but well resourced with people. It is aimed particularly at people who are new to local radio, and are interested in developing a comprehensive method of marketing.

If you are unsure how you might apply the book to your radio station (especially if the station has been going a long time) or what you can learn from it, below is an email we received recently from a community radio station in Sydney, Australia, that may clarify the possibilities and set you thinking about what you can do.

"Yes we certainly have put the Participative Marketing book to good use. The last two years saw a change in our marketing of SWRFM as a community radio station. We are now successfully attracting local sponsors with a number of marketing messages. I summarise our thinking this way.  1) That we broadcast to our listeners about our community (not to our advertisers about ourselves), 2) We think of the participants as part of an overall system  - The community, the station, the listeners, the broadcasters, the content and the sponsors - and the different needs of the participants and 3) We are in phase one of a three phase approach:  Phase 1 - we broadcast about our community, Phase 2 - we broadcast as the voice of the community and Phase 3 - we broadcast to draw the community to itself and define it to the outside."

John Gardner

2SWRFM (Sydney 99.9FM)


front cover Participative Marketing for Local Radio
by Dennis List

Publisher: Original Books, Wellington, New Zealand
ISBN number: 1-86933-540-6
Date of publication: September 2003
Page size: B5, 170 x 245 mm, large paperback format
Weight: 340 grams
Length: 160 pages / 60,000 words
Dewey classification: 659.142

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