Audience Dialogue

Participative Marketing for Local Radio
Chapter 6: Advertising and Sponsorship

Chapter 6 is the longest in the book and probably the most valuable in commercial terms. In order to encourage the odd sale, this chapter will not be available on the Web. To read it, you will need to buy the book. The topics covered in chapter 6 are:

Introduction: dealing with the inefficiency of advertising

6.1 Formats for commercial messages

The live read
The recorded commercial
The difference between sponsorship and advertising
Sponsored programs
Marketplace programs
Commercial plays

6.2 Content and focus of messages

The value of a local focus
Competing with other media by meeting advertisers' needs
Regulations and standards
Style of commercials
Advertising should be interesting

6.3 Scheduling commercial messages

How many minutes per hour?
Length of spots

6.4 Background for advertisers

Spots, flights, and campaigns
How often to repeat a commercial
New spots
Top-up spots
The most effective times for commercial messages
When are the peak listening times?

6.5 Setting advertising rates

CPM (Cost per thousand)
Setting your rate structure and time zones
Quantity discounts
Planning ahead
Increasing revenue from commercial messages

6.6 Making the sales

Who will deal with the advertisers?
Paying commissions to staff
Rate cards
What should a rate card contain?
Possible formats for rate cards
The rubber rate card
Creating a database
Advertising to advertisers

6.7 Scheduling spots