Audience Dialogue

Participative Marketing for Local Radio, Chapter 12
Making it happen: section 1

12.1  Managing your marketing

A lot of organizations think that marketing is something only their marketing department does. They see marketing as a machine: you feed the finished products into one end, and money comes out the other.

If you've read much of this book, you probably realize by now that marketing is much more pervasive than that. It's not a machine. It's a way of thinking about how everything the organization does can be used by others. Therefore all the people in the organization are involved in marketing - to a greater or lesser extent. It's useful to have a department (or person) to work full-time at marketing, but if nobody else on the staff participates in the marketing, that department will be ineffective.

Let's consider the main marketing roles, and how they might be divided among the staff. For example, the marketing manager would spend 100% of his or her working time with marketing, while the average listener might spend only 1% (by talking to other people about the station).

General manager Coordinate all activities; deal with major funders; hire staff 30%
Management board Set policies and strategies; engage consultants 40%
Marketing subcommittee Organize special activities 10%
Marketing manager Run marketing department 100%
Publicist Organize station's publicity and promos 100%
Sales rep Help advertisers buy spots 100%
Scheduler Schedule spots and promos 100%
On-air staff Make listening a pleasant experience 50%
Receptionist Welcome and help stakeholders 70%
Volunteers Tell their friends about the station 5%
Subscribers Support the station financially 5%
Listeners Tell each other about the programs 1%

I'll stop there, though the list hasn't yet included all stakeholders. And don't forget the marketing role of things, such as the website and (very important) the tea room or canteen, which provides a space where people can communicate easily.

Having listed all the people (and things) involved in your marketing, the next step could be to list all the marketing activities you'd like to do, and allocate somebody to be in charge of each activity. This is a marketing plan.


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