Audience Dialogue

Participative Marketing for Local Radio
Chapter 11: Beyond radio

There's only one thing that a listener can do with radio, and that's listen to it. This is often an advantage (you can listen to radio while doing something else), but it has disadvantages too. For example, there are some things that radio listeners can't understand without seeing them, or reading them.

And if they want to listen to a program at a different time from when it's broadcast, a radio station can't help them.

That's why it's a good idea for a radio station to offer some non-radio services - other ways in which the audience can receive the output. These other ways include sound recordings, print media, and the internet.

As all programming is marketing in a way, for a radio station to use other media allows more marketing possibilities.

In this chapter...
11.1 Sound recordings
11.2 Radio in print: newsletters and program guides
11.3 Radio and email
11.4 Radio and the Web
11.5 From radio station to telecentre