Audience Dialogue

Know Your Audience: A Practical Guide to Media Research
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This book gives clear guidance on how to carry out audience research on a small scale. It is comprehensive, covering both survey research and basic qualitative methods. The book is aimed particularly at people who work in the media or related industries, such as arts organizations. Because many of the book's target readers probably do not have English as their native language, a lot of trouble has been taken to make the English in the book as clear as possible, avoiding unnecessary jargon.

The 2007 revised edition of the book is now only available from us as a 384 page PDF document that can be emailed to you or downloaded from a file-hosting service like (that allows you to send and receive large files that may be too much for your email inbox).

The book does not currently have an updated index but this will be implemented in the 2012 update version that will include some extensions and new references.

The book is available for US $20 most simply by using PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account, just click the button below.

If this form of payment does not suit you, or you would like an invoice, pay in a different currency or by direct transfer, then please email us and we'll help. Alternatively, you can send a cheque to John Goslino, PO Box 75 Crafers SA 5152 Australia.  The book will generally be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of us receiving payment.

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If you prefer a language other than English, an Indonesian translation has been published by UNESCO in Jakarta, with the title Memahami Khalayak Anda

If you'd like to read the book, but can't afford to buy it, most of the content of the 2002 edition is available right here on this website. However, if you're thinking of printing out the book, bear in mind that the costs of paper, print cartridges, and binding will be more than the cost of buying a copy.  Clicking the Buy Now button below will work out far cheaper.