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Copyright and conditions of use

For all those pages on this site that are linked directly or indirectly from the home page, permission is given for all the following uses:

  1. To download, read, and print those pages, and to store them for your personal use.
  2. To link to any of those pages from another website or a hyperlinked document.
  3. To cite any of thise pages in any published or unpublished document.
  4. To crawl thise pages for indexing.
  5. To use thise pages as data input to software.
  6. "Fair dealing" in the sense of the Bern copyright convention, including publication of criticism and reviews that quote text from those pages - provided that no more than 300 words are quoted from any one web page, and that the URL from this website is cited as the source of the quotation.

Any of the above activities (most of which are restatements of international copyright law) may be done without asking our permission.

We have no problems with "deep linking" - you may link directly to any page on this website (except as noted under Not Permitted, below). However we ask you to inform us when you want to make a link. This will help avoid you making links to pages that are about to disappear, or to be renamed. Also, we strongly suggest that if you quote a passage from a page on this site, you include the date - either the date you accessed the page, or the date given at the foot of the page. Some of our pages change quite often, and quoting a date will help avoid your readers becoming confused.

Further distribution of pages on this site

We permit readers to distribute electronic or printed copies pages to other people, if all the following conditions are fulfilled:

(All pages on this site that include an author's name are copyright © that author. All pages on this site that do not include an author's name are copyright © Audience Dialogue.)

Not permitted

To preserve the integrity of this site, we do not permit mirroring: i.e. copying whole pages from this website (with or without attribution to Audience Dialogue) and hosting them on another website. However, if you have a special reason for wanting to mirror part of this site offline, please contact us.

We do not permit the re-use of any image on this site, when that image is separated from the page in which it originally appeared. Thus, linking to to an image, without linking to the page in which it appears on this site, is not permitted. But again, if you have some special reason for wanting to use one of our images in another context, please contact us.

If you find a page on this site that is not linked from another page on this site, it will be either unfinished or confidential. You may download it, read it, print it, and store it for your personal use. (If you do store it, you should be aware that it may be incomplete and/or not yet correct.) But you may not link to it, cite it, or quote from it, without permission from us.

Also, you may not link to the (few) pages with a Noindex command. To check, view the source code and check that the statement <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> does not appear in the header.

Other uses of this site

For all other uses of pages on this site, please contact us. In general, we're happy for our pages to be used and distributed, as long as the content is not misrepresented in any way, and there is no charge for access, and Audience Dialogue is correctly credited.


This page is based partly on the copyright note on the site of Werner Ulrich, founder of Critical System Heuristics. That page is a model for such conditions, but with a more academic emphasis than Audience Dialogue has. We are also guided by the Budapest Open Access Initiative.