Audience Dialogue

Cases: research examples and tales

The Cases section of this website gives some examples of research projects we've done which have worked well, providing useful information at a reasonable cost. These examples cover a wide range of projects, involving a variety of different approaches to audience research. Each page succinctly describes a solution to a particular research problem.

Examples of research methods

Regular survey systems

Weekly TV appreciation survey

Radio listeners' panel: qualitative mail survey

Phone-in panel

One-off surveys

Survey of issues broadcast on radio

Measuring musical tastes

The Wanganui Farmerama fiasco

Media usage and availability

Radio listening environments and moods

Measuring radio and TV audiences: by diary, by meter, and by phone

Surveying impatient concertgoers

Understanding the dreams of young magazine readers

Is anybody listening? (Closing down a radio station)

New ways to go wrong with internet surveys

Listener satisfaction survey

Do educational programs educate?

Evaluating a web site

Simple quota surveys in Indonesia

Qualitative studies

Radio scheduling workshop

Rolling focus groups

A small-town group discussion

Finding the most representative comments

The results of radio listening

Using a consensus group for TV program testing

Co-discovery conferences: combining research and planning

A radio listening workshop in Tanzania

"Our audience is dying!"

The four temperaments of radio listeners

Content analysis

Analysing open-ended survey responses

Tales from the Field

When you survey the general public, who live in the amazing place that researchers call the Field, you discover some strange and wonderful things. Here are a few of them.

Geraldton phone survey

Lost in the Wimmera

Group discussion, Samarai style

Group discussion, Yen Bai style

Volumnia the interviewer

Inspector of the toilet rolls

Interviewing in Gondar

"Why are we here?"

Cam Ranh, Vietnam, 1998: a wistful respondent tries to answer a question from the interviewer.
We altered the photo to make it resemble an oil painting.