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Budapest Open Access Initiative: our support

As a strong supporter of the Open Society Institutes, we are now putting into practice their Budapest Open Access Initiative. This Initiative (BOAI) aims to make scholarly texts available online at no charge to users. This should assist researchers in developing countries, where universities and other public institutions often cannot afford the high cost of academic journals. (For some journals, subscriptions cost more than 1,000 US dollars a year - though the authors of articles are not paid at all.)

In our support of the BOAI, any work we produce that is of scholarly interest and that is peer-reviewed will always be available at no charge on this website.

We also try to go further than simply making texts available: we try to make them readily understandable. Many academic texts are written in unnecessarily complex English. Probably the only purpose of using that style is to impress other academics. Our policy is to write in English that is no more complex than necessary (see the page on international English. This should help to increase understanding of research and evaluation methods among academics whose first language is not English.

To support the BOAI, we have now eased our copyright policy.