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About us

Audience Dialogue is a consultancy, formed in 1999 by Dennis List. We're based in Adelaide, Australia, but have clients on most continents (none in South America yet, but there's a possibility in Peru).

Our specialty is helping organizations improve the quality of their communications. We do this by using media research, in the broadest possible sense. Our toolbox of techniques is broader than most - see the Techniques section of this website. Many other organizations specialize in one core technique and use it for all their work,. Our approach is different: we spend more time working out exactly what the problem is, then choosing the most suitable technique to solve it. The methods we use include:

We work for communicators: mainly in broadcasting, publishing, the arts, education, government, and the internet. To summarize our approach in one sentence: we work with our clients, not for them - to help them communicate with their audiences, not to them. For more detail, see the pages on our

Some clients and associates

Major organizations we have worked with or for, in a consultancy or management role, include:

International development agencies

Broadcasters and media Australian organizations Other media-related organizations

Client feedback

Dennis List worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 1980 to 1999. For the last ten years of that time, he was Research Manager in the Audience Research department: an internal consultant to program-makers and managers. He also managed a research unit that carried out surveys and qualitative studies throughout Australia. Here are some unsolicited comments received from internal clients...

"I want to place on record my appreciation of the work done by Dennis List for Radio 2 in recent times." (Network Controller, Australian Broadcasting Corporation}

"Thank you for your comments about the value of Mr List. It is pleasing for the whole department when someone's work is appreciated visibly, and I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about him." (Former Head of Audience Research, ABC.)

"I have such fond memories of your input into regional radio... your ability to be so clear in interpreting audience data and relay what it might mean in plain language...and to comment on options that we may have come up with in response. As well, you were so specific in your responses without fear or favour." (Radio Manager, Western Australia)

"Your involvement with our 50th anniversary conference was tremendous and always having you at the end of a phone with a mountain of relevant useful information is something I and [others] will miss" (Rural Program Editor)

"Thanks for all your help and attention over the years. I've always appreciated your expertise and dedication." (Head of Music Programming)

"I was always grateful for the advice from your wealth of knowledge of audience research." (Audience researcher)

"Your surveys, and your personal interpretation of them, have been a most valuable tool for me." (State Radio Manager)